ahhh, home.

after a loooong day of travel it's so great to finally sleep in your own bed. other than a little confusion over being very sleepy at times we should be awake and very awake at times we should be sleepy, things are good.

so come take a walk through paris! we'll pass little shops and cafes:



with their offerings for the day on full display:


we'll stop for a little croque monsieur for lunch (and bien sur! the coca light):


and maybe a little something else that just can't be resisted:


then maybe we'll brave the passage up to montmartre:


but don't worry, the view will be completely worth it.


we'll visit the artisans hard at work:



and find other mysterious little city nooks to explore.


and even if we take the metro everywhere throughout the journey:


we'll still collapse into bed each night with tired and sore little feets.


we really did have a wonderful and exhausting trip. it was so nice to be able to go to paris this time, after having lived in france for a year when i studied abroad, and it not feel so much like a tourist trip. there was this freedom to only take pictures of the things that really caught me, so much so that it almost felt like photojournalism. come check out our flickr for many many more pictures soon and a little more explanation. the best part was remembering just how small you feel next to the eiffel tower.


it feels like living in a little haze to come back to everything the same but different. i was ready to come home after the week of being gone because trying to speak french all the time and the constant mental translating was so tiring, but of course now that we're home there are so many things i miss. i guess my ideal would be somewhere between the two, and you really only get two options... elements of french life in america or elements of america in france. of course, i know i'm probably not the first person to feel that way, and part of the haze i'm sure is just the jet lag. and oh, what a lovely anniversary week! (happy 3 years babe, thanks for carrying the heavier suitcase!)


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