ooh! a soundtrack.

so you know you've got a great friend when you meet her for coffee and when you think it's been about 3 hours or so, you check your phone and it has been FIVE hours. granted, she's getting married in about 2 weeks and we don't get to hang out very often so we had lots to catch up on. i think that's the best part of having the same best friend for about 13 years (or basically longer than either of us can remember) that just when i started to worry that we were falling out of touch or maybe don't have that much in common anymore, we got the chance to spend some real time together and she reminds me how amazing our friendship is. i love picking up right where you left off no matter how much time and lack of checking up on each other has passed.

as i've mentioned a couple times before before (i'm so excited about them!) she also commissioned me to make custom necklaces for her bridesmaids, mom, mother in law to be, and other ladies involved in her ceremony... eleven necklaces total! we spent an afternoon trolling the bead store, picking out elements, and putting it together into something that she's really happy with.


and if you've visited me here in the past week or so, you may have noticed something a little new... a soundtrack! i discovered this great website thanks to reading this great blog and added one right away. it used to play as soon as you opened the page, but i got some great feedback that the immediate play thing makes it a little tricky to accomplish sneaky blog reading while at work... and in the spirit of taking a minute to one's self to keep sane at work i changed it. now you just click on the specific song you want, or the play button at the top. it's lots of fun and very easy to set up, i highly recommend getting one if you like to blog!

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