faster than the speed of light.

what a busy week. or few weeks, i should say, as it seems that the last two of august and first two of september have just raced by us. after the death of our brother in law's father, the news of terminal cancer of matt's aunt, and a heart catheterization and stent placement surgery for matt's dad, we're sort of taking a collective sigh on his side of the family and going on. i'm incredibly happy to say though, that his dad is doing fine and not much worse for the wear other than some strict changes in diet and exercise. i think we all could use that though, and it has lit a tiny but well-needed fire beneath matt and i to lose a little weight and eat a broccoli tree or two.

it's completely surprising to me, but i can honestly say these last few weeks of unemployment have been some of the busiest and most full of the past few years. besides the family health crises and obviously, job searching, we've also been planning and preparing for a trip to ocracoke for my best friend's wedding that i'm forever talking about, helping prep my parents' house to be put on the market, and our anniversary trip that's been approaching so quickly i've barely had time to get excited yet! i can't believe it's already almost october. do you ever get that feeling like the world is whizzing by you in a blur of lights like a music video and you are in the middle standing still? i feel like that when i think about how much i had wanted to accomplish before the trip and the things that i keep thinking i'll get done soon. like going to the gym on a regular basis, finding a new job, cleaning out my house for a big goodwill run, inventory-ing everything i have on hand for my upcoming craft show, and posting a big etsy update for the shop. each day seems to bring more comings and goings and unexpected plans that wipe out some of the attempted plans for the day.

i tried this week to start the special k diet, or "challenge" as they more aptly refer to it, where you can supposedly eat cereal for breakfast and lunch and then a normal dinner and lose 10 pounds in two weeks. so far i've accomplished eating breakfast on top of what i would normally eat all day when i'm not on a diet. routinely eating breakfast = good for me, however, extra cereal calories = no weight loss on the "diet" as yet.

all in all i am very much looking forward to our vacation. it feels very grown up in a sense to think that this will be truly a well-deserved one, as they say. so for now, instead of continuing to write and browse blogs at 1:41 a.m. i think i'll go to bed and dream of that happy time, right before dark, when all the air is pink.

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