i'm not a good one at resolutions. clearly, since it's already mid-january & i'm just now really thinking about it.

i'm not good at realistically making them & i'm not good at realistically keeping them [which probably somehow go hand-in-hand.] and it would seriously bother me to solemnly vow something here & then not follow through. so instead of resolutions, now that i've had over half of january to think about it, are going to be more like intentions that i remember throughout the year & purposefully act on them.

i'm putting them here so you can hold me accountable. please do.

write more often, when it's fresh in my mind & i'm the most excited about sharing. that makes for much more fun remembering later when you re-read what you've written, don't you think?

follow through more punctually. [i'm bad at this!] ie: not announce a giveaway here unless it's finished & ready to ermm, give away. and to have more giveaways, because that's just fun!

finish projects before i start the next. i am terrible at this. [just ask my dining room table. or my husband. actually, don't ask my husband, he will tell you it's true.] this relates to #1 because it's frustrating to start a project & then not be able to write about it for weeks & weeks because that one part needs to be glued & then i need to wait for pretty daylight to get a good photo, etc. etc.

and all this talk of resolutions [specifically, project-finishing and follow-through] brings me to the last ornament... of the year that is.

you all know i have a thing for handmade christmas ornaments. well, it always seems like there's just one more that squeaks in at the last second, when all of the rest of the christmas stuff has already been put away. i guess since i celebrate christmas decorating exactly on december 1st & tend to make a big deal about things like the 1st ornament of the season, maybe you'll forgive me for being so behind as to make & put away the last ornament of the season in january.

i'd seen an insane number of ridiculously adorable mini-wreath ornaments all over the internet, and fresh off the yarn-wreath high of making a pom pom wreath [oh yes, friends. coming soon!] i decided to do a little trash-to-treasure version. i started with a to-go cup lid and two yarn scraps in my favorite green:
and a tiny piece of ribbon for hanging. whoops... ended up not using the buttons. the wrapped yarn was just too cute to cover up!
but it did need a little something. i had so much fun making fabric flower/posy/poof thingys for my headbands that i decided to try out a mini one for this little wreath.
look how little! yay!
now i can really put the christmas stuff away, know what i mean? and at least it's before january 31st, right?

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