4 years & a lifetime ago...

4 years ago this month, a girl really loved to make things by hand. so right after christmas, at the start of a new year, she decided to start writing a blog about it where she could post pictures and say yay! to the internet when a project turned out just right. she wrote for the 1st time & excitedly waited to see if anyone would read.
she started a little etsy shop for the jewelry she was making, & took part in a few local craft shows, just for fun. she loved her new husband, working full-time kept her busy & she kept on crafting. cupcakes, new shoes, garlands, coffee, clothespins & anything french made her happy.

the blog turned a year old & she almost missed celebrating it.

4 years later, the girl was still writing in the little blog. far from perfect, the little blog changed as much as the girl. she wrote about moves. she wrote about the day her mom died. she wrote about new babies and christmases and sweet exhaustion. she learned how to be a mommy & hopefully how to love her savior just a little better. God taught her the difference between happiness & joy.

she even changed the name of the blog. she still loves her husband after 6 years of marriage, now her babies keep her busy & she keeps on crafting.
[cupcakes still make her happy.]

i've really come to love this little crafty space of mine, though it has at times been a labor of love [& a slave to my perfectionism] all for an unbelievable 4 years now. the simple desire to make, just for the sake of making, runs in my blood as they say. i think of how terribly much i would love to have a record like this of the things my mom made & it's become my hope that this little space will be that kind of gift to my little girl someday. i feel slightly sad & a little guilty when i haven't been here for a few days, like that feeling you get when you suddenly realize you haven't seen a good friend in awhile.
hi, friend!

if you are here reading, i hope you have always felt welcome, for whatever amount of time you've been stopping by.... & if you haven't heard me say it, i am so glad you're here.

so in celebration of this little spot of internet & in thanks to you my wonderful friend, i'd like to send you a little package full of some lovely & sweet little things... kind of like you would send a friend on a no-reason-just-for-fun day... something a little ruffly, something magnetic, something you can wear... just some sweet little things in a fun little package.

are you up for it? just click comments & tell me hello. or tell me you've been reading all along or just found me from clicking something else. or tell me your favorite flavor of cupcake. because if i could mail you one, i would!

[ps- make sure there's a way i can email you so i can get your address from you! i know it's scary to just post it on the internets for the world to see.]

so, thank you. i'm still excitedly waiting to hear from you. yes! you.

& happy birthday, blog!

giveaway now closed, thank you all so much!


  1. You are the sweetest thing. Love this blog, and you for writing it!

  2. I'm so glad that I found this blog from your family's one~ Happy 4th birthday to your blog!!!!

  3. Courtney Rowe1/18/11, 4:12 PM

    So thankful for you and the time you take to let us in your life a little. My new years resolution...to be more like you :) More crafty that is!

  4. I read! I read! :) I love to read your crafty blog--- but mostly I love to say, "I KNOW her. She's my sis."

  5. Well...probably about a year ago I stumbled upon your blog after befriending you on FB. Before that I had never read a craft blog and didn't even know they existed. I had started making hair bows a year before but had never gotten deeper into crafting until I "met" your blog. your blog helped lead me to other craft blogs and I just started getting so inspired! I now "craft" pretty regularily and its been such a blessing. so thanks for starting that process. :)

  6. thanks so much ladies! so very glad you are all here :)

    sarah, that's the same way it happened with me. i just randomly found a craft blog one day- had no idea people were writing about their crafts & photo-ing them. one door led to another & another & i immediately wanted to start my own :)

  7. I have your blog bookmarked and I love reading it! I love making things as well although with three girls and a full schedule I don't have as much time as I'd like. You give me inspiration though and I swear I'm going to pull out the glue gun and get to work! LOL How did you make the adorable ruffled flowers? I NEED to make some!

    Happy Birthday to your Blog!

  8. welcome danielle! i understand naptime crafting completely :) i used this tutorial for the flowers, just hot glue them to a small circle of felt rather than sewing them in a line:
    email me if that makes no sense at all! :)

  9. That does help! Thanks so much! I need to make one now. :D I love how you've adapted it.

  10. Happy blogiversary! I just came across your blog, but I'm enjoying it. :)

  11. Just wanted to delurk to wish you a happy blogiversary! I stumbled on your blog through another craft blog months ago and immediately bookmarked you because I love your style and find your posts so inspiring. I haven't made anything yet but the light switch plate is near the top of my crafting to do list. Thanks for the inspiration (and for your resource list!)!!


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