& a happy new year!

did you have a merry christmas? i hope so! we sure did, full of the non-stop merriment & busyness that the season brings. & of course, i barely took a single photo! i need to work on that, getting the 'big camera' out more often to catch these fleeting happy memories of crazy-fast growing & going kiddos!

i have to be honest, i'm filled with mixed thoughts when it comes to the 'blank slate' of new year's. it's easy to make a list of all the ambitious resolutions you want to make happen in your life & business, but i confess i'm often full of good intentions but not much follow through- & i'm finding that as a busy mommy with the 3rd little on his way in a matter of weeks, follow through is pretty sure to become in shorter supply in the coming days...

but i do have thoughts... & plans... & hopes for my little space here- for making it a place where folks want to be, where inspiration is found, & a friendly spot to visit for awhile. in my busy-ness, i feel like my personal touch here has fallen off & 'catching up the blog' becomes a chore on my to-do list instead of an outlet for creativity & joy.

not ok in my book! so here is what i'm resolving to work on as i continue enjoying my crafty little place here & hoping you do too:

-better content with better photos, even if it means less frequent content.

-that being said, i hope to provide more content! settting a schedule of posts, not so that things are rigid, but so that there's a little more consistency to what can be expected here.

-be cautious not to burn up all my productive time on facebook/twitter/pinterest browsing. there, i said it- even if it's painful to admit! using the small chunks of time i have to make this a lovely place, not to just wander the internets.

-get my poor, sad, forlorn etsy site back up & running! at some point maybe even consider switching to big cartel if that becomes an immediate possibility. are you considering the same? here's a great article by gussy sews full of information about it!

-and lastly, before i get too over-achiever on you... i want to continue to remember my main goal here & with all aspects of my life- to glorify God my father in everything i say & do! to leave you not only inspired by something cute, crafty, or thrifty but to also leave you encouraged & reminded how much God loves you!

of course, i have personal goals too. 
prioritize my daily time of prayer & bible study. 
get back into consistent meal planning/couponing. 
lose 100 pounds & make my pinterest wardrobe into reality. 
have a healthy baby in march & raise my littles well.
take more photos & keep up family blogging those littles!

wishing you a happy & healthy 2013!

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