no-budget christmas decor! framed letters.

remember these large & cheap frames i found at goodwill a while back? [& by cheap i mean cheap. 11x14ish frames for $1.50 each!]
i originally planned to use 4 of them to hang silhouettes cut from paper, one for each member of our family. i did a little distressing to the white frames with sandpaper, and glued down a mix of book pages, french pages & old hyms directly onto the cardboard backing [super easy with spray adhesive!].
i stuck the ill-fated silhouettes directly on the book pages as the background. the silhouettes of the kids turned out absolutely adorable, but the ones of hubs & i were, well, let's just say less than flattering.

on to plan b: i cut out some letters from red scrapbooking paper to spell 'noel.'
the contrast is great & i absolutely love how the frames, well, frame the large mirror! fills up a lot of empty dining room wall space in a lovely, inexpensive way.
and when christmas is over, any 4 letter word will work! (haha). i'm thinking 'home' or even 'love' for around valentine's.

have you framed anything a little unexpected recently?

here are the other no-budget christmas decor ideas:

paper snowflakes

candy canes

jute & ruffle wreath

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