mother's day handmade!

there's something extra special to me about a handmade gift. it doesn't have to be anything fancy... a sheet of paper stickered and scribbled by my little girl is definitely a treasure! but sometimes it is extra fun to be given something handmade that is a bit of a splurge, made extra valuable by its beauty and meaning as a gift.

that describes my mother's day gift from my family perfectly! i'd had my eye on this etched on my heart charm necklace from bon bon charms for months now... stamped in sterling silver with mine & hubby's initials on it. well, look what came in the mail just a few days before mother's day:
isn't it lovely? i love the simple little packaging as well. i immediately started wearing it, and it looks perfect with the silver "k" necklace matt gave me when kenna was born [that i've worn almost every day since then!].
i even had it on the morning i gave birth to finn! see it hiding down there under his giant sweet cheeks? [that was literally right after he was born!]
they make the sweetest little jangly noises when i walk, like a tiny windchime. all i need now is a little "f" charm to go with them!

happy mother's day!

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