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i have to admit that my streak of crafty inspiration that was finally enough to get me to jump up and get things done came from perusing a few new diy/crafty blogs that i came across (i think from googling "sunburst mirror tutorials" but that's another story...). now i have a new list of awesome projects on my backburner (like i needed another one, right?) and a fresh excitement from looking through some awesome things people are coming up with! here are some of the blogs and projects i want to try out:

beautiful and cheap decorative white pumpkins from shanty2chic (i love how she talks about spray painting "the cheap off" of something!)
apple crate bookshelf from funky junky interiors

spindle lamp also from shanty2chic (spindles are those things that hold up the hand rails on your staircase).

this entire kitchen from life in grace (love the blue cabinets!)

a-dor-a-ble (!!!!) giant clothespin chalkboard, also from shanty2chic (i want to try this one out so badly, i think it could make a great christmas present!)

super cute burlap letter banner also by life in grace

i just realized that most of this list is black and cream in some form- i guess it is part of the "shabby chic" thing? except for the kitchen... i am love love loving all of that bright color! if you click the link and see the before picture, the transformation is really amazing. reading all these blogs written by professional decorators is going to get me in trouble if i'm not careful!

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