because wipes should be pretty too!

today i finally worked on a project i've been wanting to do for quite awhile now! i was really itching to do something to this plain ol' little disposable-travel-wipes case, which was so plain it was almost sad! i figure if it's something you're going to use every day, it might as well be pretty. i don't know, i guess there's something about that wide expanse of plain whiteness that makes me want to break out some paper and glue....

diaper wipes travel case tutorial


you will need:

  • plain plastic travel wipes case

  • scissors

  • patterned cardstock (just a scrap!)

  • a paintbrush

  • pen or pencil

  • decorative scrapbooking rub-ons

  • something to scrape/rub your rub-ons with (although they usually come with a popsicle stick for that)

  • modge podge or some kind of decoupage glue (i like to use matte perfect paper adhesive because it makes such a nice, pretty, non-sticky finish)

Step 1

step one:
open the little circular wipe-dispensing part and trace around as much of it as you can. you may need to use the edge of the table to make it lay flat. mine had a slightly raised edge that if i pressed it down on the paper, it left a slight indented ring that i could use to complete the outline of the circle.
Step 2

step 2:
cut out the oval and trim the edges a little at a time until it fits perfectly into the little opening. glue it into the spot with a light layer of glue/adhesive, being careful not to glue any part of the opening closed!
Step 3

step 3:
cut out and arrange the rub-on shapes or letters without removing the backing yet. move them around and get the placement perfectly where you want it. you can even cut some of the designs apart & mix & match them. try it out a few different ways & make sure you like it.
Step 4

step 4:
when you decide on the design you like best, remove the backings and scrape/rub carefully to get the design to transfer. know that it might take a lot of rubbing! what ended up working the best for me was to use the back of a slanted pen cap. very gently peeling back the paper the design is on as you go (careful not to rip/break the design though!) can also help.
Step 5

step 5:
when it's all done and looks how you want it to, use the paintbrush to paint a light layer of the modge podge or adhesive over your design and over the paper circle in the middle, again, being careful not to glue closed any openings that make the case functional! after the first coat dries, you might want to add additional coats until the edges of the rub-ons feel smooth.

and done!

tuck it in your bag and get ready to hear "where did you get that?" every time you whip out your wipes on the go!


all in all, i spent about $7.50 on this project, here is the breakdown:
-$3.50 for the wipes case full of wipes (huggies- you can keep refilling it)
-$1.99 for each of the 2 sets of rub-ons (if you can get away with only using one set the cost here would be even less! i think a monogram would be super cute too)
-already had the glue, scissors, paintbrush, paper scrap, and adhesive.

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