making progress!

i feel like i'm finally making some progress in the studio! i've finished several new necklaces, and revamped lots and lots of new earrings that just didn't quite seem done... they needed just a little kick, some oomph, a little spirit and a little more ellebee...


...but now i'm pretty happy with them! i can't wait to get these little guys up and going in the shop. it's going to be wonderful! lots and lots of new loveliness waiting to find a happy home. and oh, the feeling of accomplishement there will be when they are all finished, photographed, described, uploaded, and posted in the shop.

take a peek above, and you may notice i've also celebrated by making these little earring friends into a new blog banner! hurray!

i've had a fire under me to get things accomplished because i've signed up for september's installment of the designer's downtown market, which i'm very excited about. it will also most likely be my last craft show until baby k is born november-ish, except for possibly a fall fair i just heard about in asheboro in october. (which, after a quick google search, i think i may have found!)

august has absolutely flown by, and i'm grasping to get everything done that i wanted to. soon there will be the added pressure of getting things done before the baby arrives and completely upheaves our lives and hearts and schedules! i can't wait! so here's another little sneak preview of what is to come in my fall shop update, which i'm shooting for having done by september first!



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