christmas crafts for mom.

i'm leaving first thing tomorrow for a couple of days to visit my mom. i believe she'll be starting chemo in the next few days, if not right away. i've been trying to whip up some fun christmas-y things for her, either to decorate her hospital room or just for general cheering-up purposes. i figured you absolutely couldn't go wrong with some soft trees. i made mine with green craft felt i had on hand, made them into little four inch tall ornaments with a ribbon loop, and stuffed them with cotton balls. i also rediscovered that i really enjoy decorative embroidery (within reason! nothing too extensive). the "stem" on the middle one is actually the loop of matt's stocking, hanging on the mantel.

i also made a garland of yo-yos and vintage christmas trim, bias tape to be exact, but pictures of that will have to come later. i had no idea what an aggravation it would be to try to get a decent picture of a garland.

off for now to get some sleep and catch an early (for me) flight...

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