big ol' shopping list!

i recently discovered this lovely source for all kinds of interesting crafting supplies... stampington & co. i thought it would be fun (kind of like window shopping) to make a list of everything i would buy had i the unlimited resources to do so (ooh i can imagine the boxes and boxes arriving at my door)...
  1. metal index tabs for the handmade day planner i haven't yet given up on making.

2. pendant forms for collage- and resin-filling.

3. wire forms such as a suitcase for display and an eiffel tower, well, just because i could.

4. a price tag punch -that green one right at the top.

5. bunches of blank greeting cards because cutting your own to fit leftover envelopes can get old.

6. miles and miles of leaf ribbon for the most beautiful gift wrap ever.

7. these ridiculously cool paints in every color they make them.

8. slide-mount like paper frames. lots and lots and lots.

9. a non-stick craft surface .

10. button and ribbon punches to add to my tool box.

11. walnut inks and stains , if i wasn't so cheap i'd already own some of this.

12. a roll of every single type of foil tape ever made. LOVE it.

13. lots of twill ribbon tape .

14. tons of tiny tins! great for storage and other fun uses... i made a cool set of personalized shadowbox ornaments with them two or three christmases ago:

the picture is not the best, but this is literally *right* after we first bought the xt. my name is written in reverse on the inside of the glass cover ( i did one of these individually for each member of my family... let's just say backward writing is not my forte!).back to the list.

15. more vellum and vellum adhesive because i'm very curious about it.

16. awesome self-stick magic mesh, i think a strip of white would make the perfect picket fence in a scrapbook or altered book.

17. everything you ever needed to carve stamps which i think would be a very cool experiment. there's a link on the left of my blog to a great tutorial by abby from portland who was one of the first crafty blogs i stumbled across

18. watch findings

19. mica tiles!

20. a steel alphabet stamp set for making pendants and jewelry tags

21. and staz-on inks in all the colors!!! (plus cleaner)

wow, that was the imaginary equivalent of throwing everything in the cart and saying i'll take it all! maybe someday, but for now i'll definitely be breaking up that wish list into little pieces.

my current projects are for my niece and nephew... a little blue and white baby afghan for my nephew that is actually just a huge overgrown granny square (that i finally figured out the pattern for) and a little pink sundress for my niece's third birthday next month. the little-boy-baby afghan in progress:

i found some adorable pink strawberry print fabric that was already pre-smocked into a stretchy band across the top. it's just the right width for a little girl dress or an adult babydoll top... i got green and white polka-dot ribbon to make a little waistband and ribbon tied straps. it seems simple enough in my head, but we'll see how it actually turns out. i have a fantastic sewing machine on loan from my mom, and i've been itching to really make some cool things with it. i've never been big into sewing from scratch from patterns (too much measuring, i think) but i feel like i should be able to take on alterations and simple construction.

hopefully my next entry won't be all about how i tied my mom's bernina 1530 in one giant knot.

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