oh how i've missed my little blog... in this world of email, texting, and instant messaging there's something so deliciously indulgent about writing just for writing's sake, without worrying if anyone is reading or if what you're writing about is really all that important in the long run. i tend to avoid making a new entry if i don't have anything particularly crafty going on, and especially if i don't have any pictures to post because i love the little window into someone else's world they provide when reading other's blogs (some are just so well done and inspiring). i really do enjoy writing, and it is definitely a craft unto itself.

i've been wondering how well the crafter's flea market went this past weekend... i participated in the last one back in september and made a fairly decent day of it. i passed this time around because i realized i really don't like doing craft shows alone... if i had known ahead of time that my mom would still be in town after my nephew being born this month, i might have done it. the other reason i didn't is that for an outdoor show like that you really need the tent and the full-size table... i did it last time with no tent and two small square card tables and ended the day sunburned and a little mortified having looked like a small yard sale, sandwiched all day between two much more established (and tented) vendors.

from here i'm planning to be much more prepared and gear up for the holiday/pre-christmas craft shows and hope that the initial investment in the booth fees turns out profitable... i'll be applying for holly days at my old high school, sanderson, and mistletoe market at wakefield high school here in wake forest. they're both larger, well-established fundraisers for the schools... if you're local to raleigh/wake forest you should come check them out!

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