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inspiration struck this weekend to create... i had a whole weekend to myself while my husband was working, and it was a much-needed relief just not to have to be anywhere by any certain time for two days. i spent all day yesterday photographing new necklaces to go in the shop, and then worked a little bit today on an altered book i started months and months ago about paris. we just bought our tickets this weekend for our trip that we will finally be taking in october for our third anniversary! i keep getting more and more excited the more i think about it. paris again... it feels crazy to think it's only been three years since we were there last, when i moved home from studying abroad. it also feels crazy to think of all the pictures we will have between the two of us when we get home...i'm having a hard time focusing creatively of late. i have so many projects started and so many ideas it feels sometimes like there will never be enough time/energy/resources to make something of all of them. i feel like my supplies are too spread out, my working surface too small... i start working on one project and get distracted by another. it really is my goal to teach myself to be one of those people that not only buys things that are needed for a specific project (not anything and everything i like) but also that actually sits down and finishes that specific project. it seems like that would take some of the creativity out of it, but really i think it would just help me get things done.

here are some things that inspire me right now:

for now i'm off to sweet dreams of my favorite place...

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