new town, new thrift!

i mentioned that we moved to a completely new town back in october... one of the great things about small town living is checking out the new small business thrift places in the area! it's also been my fun escape from the stress of so much new [& anytime i get a little mommy-break in the afternoon] to wander & check out the local cool junk. i'm sure they thought i was casing the joint, walking around taking pictures with my cellphone, but i was armed & ready with the explanation that i''m a local blogger, new to town, & eager to share all their beauties with my readership! hopefully they can't argue with that. [truly, i think no one noticed/cared.

here are some of the fun stuff i've come across & had a hard time not bringing home with me:

this little chair is just the perfect shade of mustard. i keep going back to visit it... it's $70 which is not too terrible considering the perfect condition of the upholstery, but i can't quite pull the trigger. i do love it though, & it would be perfect for my little living room desk.
 i loved these hook racks, but for the price i think i'll have to diy- it looks like they are old cabinet doors painted pretty colors with big beautiful coat hooks. i actually already have something similar started for our little hallway that i'm trying to make into a mudroom of sorts. but i loved the colors of these & the 3rd one has burlap added! pretty.
one of my favorite parts about a place with multiple booths is seeing how many different styles of display there are- & i especially like seeing creatively upcycled ideas! this booth had an old rake handle hung upside down holding wine glass stems. so pretty! i think if i did something similar i'd use it for big chunky necklaces instead, but with the glasses it would be a cool touch to a farmhouse/industrial kitchen wall.

 here's one that did come home with me! i'd written about how much i loved that scrolly ikea mirror that everybody's doing such cool things with, so when i found this awesome similar one for only $18 bucks, it had to come home with me. i'm already in the process of spray painting it my favorite green & i think i might hang it in the dining room- we may possibly re-do K's room in a paris theme when she gets a little bigger, in which case we'll move it over to hers.
 if i was going to do a whole mirror wall like this awesome one, i'd have picked up this beauty too! i actually did text the photo to a friend to see if her little girl's room needed it.
i also did buy this little set of 4 vintage clothespins for $1. i saw an adorable nativity ornament on pinterest that i'd like to make with them... & the price was right!
i very closely considered buying this little guy for toilet paper/extras storage in our little master bathroom corner, but hesitated because i didn't love love it & then it was gone. 
 thankfully, the one i did really love was this chippy off white iron one... i stalked it for a few weeks, & when i thought it was gone, i was sad. then i looked up & realized they had just moved it to a hanging spot from the ceiling! it even had gone on sale for just $15 & i snapped it up! i didn't get a photo of it in the store, but here it is hard at work storing our bathroom toiletries:
there was one booth in particular that had more obviously handmade stuff. i ended up accidentally running into the owner one day & got to meet her! i especially loved her burlap webbing & glitter chipboard letter banners [this one was back at  thanksgiving] & lots of her stuff since then has been really cool. she's one of the first booths i go look at whenever i visit. always inspiring!

goodwill is farther away [& there's only one in town instead of the 2 we used to have nearby] so i haven't found as many scores there recently, but i do check as often as i'm able. i was laughing last night at how all of my lamps have been from goodwill, & i don't think I've ever paid more than $10 bucks!

what's your favorite recent thrifty score/discovery?

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