anthro-inspired necklaces!

these days i find myself in need of some jewelry to spruce up/outfit-ify the post-baby-whatever-fits look i have going- with some bead excess to burn & some anthropologie to inspire, i went for it!

since i started out my business-y crafting a few years ago with handmade jewelry i have a hard time giving myself 'permission' to buy new jewelry when i could hypothetically make it myself. normally i try not to directly copy another person's designs, but i figured using my own beads i had on hand would personalize these necklaces a bit & i've just had to face it that i'll never be buying originals from a store that charges a couple of hundred bucks per necklace. sorry, anthro. so here's what i came up with!

the inspiration:
[anthro's pernilla]
my version:

here are two others i really liked - i have some similar beads that i think i could make something cute with!

coral just always says spring to me. i don't think you can beat jeans, a plain white tee & a pop of coral somewhere!
happy spring!


i love to hear your comments or questions! i'll try to respond as quickly as possible, or you can email me at leafandletter[at]gmail.com :)



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