fall mantle!

i know i'm way behind on this one, but i wanted to chronicle our porch here & it just never really got finished. we have some pumpkins and stuff, but nothing awe-inspiring. so here is just my mantle and a little front door wreath!

i really really really love fall decorating. i mean really. and i wish decorating my whole house in general came together as easily and with as much fun as decorating the mantle does! i love mixing and matching non-season-specific things, using color and texture to make them seasonal by adding a couple of things that are season-specific like those teeny-tiny little pumpkins. just like pulling out all the ornaments at christmas and putting them on the tree, i love it just as much to pull out my fall decorations and gather anything yellow and orange from the house and putting pumpkins on the porch!

i left the dollar store paper bag wreath on the mirror & tucked a little ring of faux leaves into the center [from target's $1 spot last year].
i "shopped the house" for other fall-ish looking things... a green vase and a green tin container holding dried branches, a yellow pitcher that used to hold wooden spoons by the stove, and a picture frame & little cream "b" that both usually stay on the mantle year-round. i added my fall banner that i made last year [using this tutorial] and my orange fabric flower sprigs to the branches [purchased here on etsy].

then i filled in some space with two little grapevine pumpkins [also from target's cheapo area last year- $2.50 each] two little mini real pumpkins from the grocery store, and one big pinecone found on a walk. my favorite new addition this year is this little harvest sign, bought half price from rite aid of all places! i played around with lots of ideas to make this myself, but when it came down to it, this was exactly what i wanted for a less than $3 price tag. can't beat that!
y'all already know my love for constantly re-using my twig wreath [i'm cheap like that]... here is its fall incarnation:
i wrapped a wire of orange and reddish beads around it [purchased with a half-off michael's coupon, it was only about $2] and then added a little friend that came poked into a flower arrangement from last year [free since i saved him!]. and hey, pumpkins & stuff count all through thanksgiving/november, right?

happy fall, everyone!

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