a pretty, easy hostess gift!

i had a couple of people i wanted to bring a little something to recently as hostess gifts, so i thought i would start with a fall classic [pumpkin spice bread] & make it even fall-ier!

step 1:
make pumpkin spice bread with sarah's super easy/quick/simple recipe. i actually had everything already on hand for this! i split the recipe between these two smallish disposable loaf pans i already had too, which fit perfectly:
sidenote: enjoy your house smelling totally delicious for the next few hours during and after baking it.

step 2:
wrap the breads securely in saran wrap. if you have green or yellow saran wrap, i think that would add even more fun, but i'm cheap so all i have is clear!

step 3:
make a strip of paper that will fit somewhat tightly around the bread. i used an old book page. wrap it around & stick it down tight on the underside [or sides if it's not long enough] of the bread with double stick tape:

step 4:
pick out your favorite faux fall leaf [or a real one from your yard if you are taking it to the person the same day!] and set it in the center of the paper [i also used a little strip of double stick tape for this step]:

step 5:
wrap the whole thing right on top of the leaf with twine several times. tie it off on top of the bread with a little knot right in the center of the leaf:
presto and done! a sweet, cute little edible festive gift! you could even make several of these in one day of baking and have them on hand for a couple of days if you have multiple people to take them to... i'm planning to spend one whole day baking and make several for our neighbors for thanksgiving!
in hindsight, you could even write a cute little message on the leaf [depending on what kind of leaves they are]. i'm thinking a little something sweet & slightly cheesy like "we're thankful you're our neighbor!"

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