a little yellow table.

remember when i bought this lovely blue thrifted mirror for the entry & mentioned that i needed a table to go underneath it?
well, i found one!
& i can't get over how perfectly it fits. it holds a basket for our keys [that we still keep losing anyways], a basket for the dog's leash & collars, umbrellas, & a little shoe-putting-on stool [also thrifted! $3 at goodwill!]
but i'll be honest, when i first got it, it was not so cute. a friend gave it to me unexpectedly after i mentioned that i liked to paint junky old furniture- he had found it on the side of the road! we had to take it completely apart to get it home in the trunk, & it was obviously handmade, just a bunch of boards nailed together, really. don't you love a 'piece' with a story?

i took a terrible dusky before shot after my hubs put it back together for me [with screws this time, for stability!] & before i got to work sanding it.
at least, that's what i thought! the more i sanded, the more i realized i really needed to completely strip it down & start over. so i got to work with my favorite paint stripping product, citristrip, & let it sit for a bit. the stuff really is magical- it smells like oranges & you just glop it on really thick & then the paint scrapes off fairly easily after it has sat for awhile.

after a couple of coats of citristrip & LOTS of scraping, rinsing & sanding, it looked like this, ready for priming & paint:

i had really wanted to try out a paint color by behr called 'french gold' ever since seeing it on a dresser via lindsay at the pleated poppy. i figured since the table was small & all i was investing in it was a little elbow grease & the price of a sample can of the paint [just a couple bucks- love those things!] it was the perfect chance to try a bright, unexpected color. especially since this little table would be in the entryway, & didn't really have to 'go' with anything else nearby- it could be a bit of it's own destination so to speak.
it took a little time, but i couldn't be happier with how it turned out! i'm hoping to find some baskets that will fit perfectly on the little shelf for winter gloves & hats & such, and maybe a little bucket for umbrellas!


  1. I'm in love with this yellow table, and blue-framed mirror and all the other stuff.
    And love a few ideas from older posts.
    Keep blogging! ;)

  2. thanks & welcome! :)


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