pinteresting: bucket storage!

i pinned this photo on pinterest because i thought the little bucket configuration was really cute- especially for like a back door/porch organizer of summer stuff or outdoor toys like sunscreen, shovels, water guns etc.
(originally from apartment therapy, i believe)

then i saw these little pink buckets in the $1 at target & an idea was born for a smaller, table-top version, for storing all my little girl's tiny hairbrushes & accessories that get lost in her bigger toy boxes. i wondered if they even made pink zip ties & then lucked out found the colorful package of them at dollar tree right away!
they're the perfect shade of pink. & if your buckets have little handles, you don't have to drill holes! makes it an even easier & quicker project. just zip tie them all together & then trim the ends!
it looks super cute in her room, and even ended up being just the right size for diapers or pull-ups (which she is only wearing at night now, praise the Lord!).
you can leave it on its side like this, or turn it with the buckets flat. here's another fun, summery way you could use it:
super cute, super easy, super quick project, all for only $4! love it!

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