diy in strange places.

i'd love to peek in on the meetings where they decide how to decorate places like anthropologie & starbucks. anthro is well-known for their super-interesting store displays, & i've seen some really interesting coffee-inspired & repurposed elements in our local starbucks. right now they have a really cool painting that looks like it was painted in coffee grounds, & once i saw what looked like a canvas decoupaged with used coffee filters- sounds odd, but they looked like really cool coffee-dyed ruffly circles, almost doily-like.

when i stopped by for a recent iced coffee [my almost-daily summer staple] i saw two new cool things i really liked & thought would be cool even in a home rather than a coffee shop. [please excuse the creepy stalker-like cellphone photos.]

the first was a configuration of what looked like canvases [or wood or cardboard or something!] covered in burlap coffee bags. i love the look of the bags' printing showing up randomly, and i think this could be cool if you stretched the burlap around pieces of cork for a unique corkboard, especially in a home office! i like the extra-large scale of it too- it fills the space so nicely!
[sidenote: does it bother you when people sit in coffee places with their feet up like they own the place? like they're at home chillin' in their bathrobe or something. feels a little unsanitary to me for some reason.]

the second was a chalkboard wall- nothing to new or exciting there, but i thought the way they had sectioned it off with pieces of wood almost like a chair rail was creative. you could even use white moulding for a really nice finished look.
sorry, random dude in starbucks. didn't mean to take a stalker-esque photo of you! just goes to show, you never know where you'll find crafty decorating inspiration!

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