spring mantle inspiration!

i saw this photo on a really great blog [really great because j.j. is not only a fun crafter with cute style, but an amazing singer/songwriter]:
firstly, let me say i can hardly get over this mantle itself... the stone fireplace? the adorable painting? the chunky ledge & oh gracious those huge corbels. LOVE.

not surprisingly, it's pretty similar to another inspiring mantle from the lettered cottage i wrote about awhile back:
note to self: i still really want to make a ginormous chalkboard. & a numbered plate.

so once i regained consciousness from my corbel envy, i got to work on my mantel, using what i had on hand... starting with several thrifted freebies from not too long ago- a broken up old window frame, and a mini chalkboard & wooden letter. well, truly starting with one very stark white empty mantel:

the reverse side of the window frame had some lovely old chippy, very pale blue paint on it, so i layered it right on top of my mirror. then i made the letter into a mossy monogram with the help of a little dollar store faux moss leftover from christmas:
these mossy letters are a pottery barn knock off that have been showing up everywhere because they're so cheap & easy to make! all i did was cover the letter with my 'squiggle & squish' method- one nice big squiggle of hot glue & then squish the moss into it. repeat section by section until it's covered! i added a length of pretty jute ribbon the the back & loosely knotted it for hanging:
[next time i would paint the whole thing green first so that the letter doesn't show through & the back isn't so ugly! i didn't even think about it until i hung it up & you could see the back in the mirror.]

see what i mean? whoops.
but it's so pretty when it's done! i glued a little moss along the edges to, to make it a little fuller & to be sure the edges were covered.
then i wrote a little spring message on the chalkboard & tucked it off to the side. [& you can see the perfectly chippy blue paint!]
nothing fancy, but better than nothing to fill up all that white mantel space! it's a little pastel-y for my liking & could use some big hurricane vases or urns or something on either end, but it'll do for now. especially knowing that summer is just around the corner & i'll want to start all over!

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