thinking christmas?

every year, i get delusions of grandeur... errm... way too overly optimistic thinking that if i just started in the summertime, i could gather a bunch of ideas together and hand make all my christmas presents for everybody! this year i really could do it, i tell myself.

but somehow, something always always brings me crashing back to reality, and most of the christmas crafting that gets finished at all is done huddled in my craft room late into the wee morning hours the night before. remember the christmas stocking saga of last year? that is a true picture of my crafty-optimism-turned-procrastinating near-disaster.

however, after being continually inspired by the handmade holidays master list and hoping that some of you reading here are doing so because you actually finish your crafty projects, i thought i'd post some great inspiration and project ideas specific to the groups of people i think they'd be perfect for! ie: kids, sisters/girlfriends, or the ever-difficult brother-in-law crowd.

here are my favorites!

for all the ladies:
[sisters, sisters-in-law, moms, mother-in-laws, girlfriends]

etched snowflake glasses

monogrammed tote bag

stenciled tea towels

for all the guys:
[brothers, fathers, father-in-laws, brother-in-laws, husband's best friend, etc]

monogrammed neck tie

kindle [electronic book] cover

photo coffee sleeve
[although i think i would pick one favorite photo & print it on printable fabric & stitch it directly on rather than making the photo removable]

for the babies & kids:

little mary janes [so deceptively easy looking!]

toy car cozy

fabric magnet alphabet and numbers

fabric flower hair clips

kid's step stool or dot stool

sorry there are no pictures of any of these fabulous projects, but just trust me when i say that each website they came from is a treasure trove of ideas! now if i can just get my 2 year old to nap long enough to take a chunk out of my monstrous list of christmas ideas, starting with the ones i didn't finish last year!

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