mmm... organization.

i have pretty much taken up residence in this aisle recently:
and you'll never believe where it is... walmart! they have this new line of really cute, really cheap, nice quality office organization supplies! i've been working on getting all of my craft supplies sorted and stashed, nicely and neatly, so that in the precious moments of time i have to i go down to the basement to craft, i can actually find what i'm looking for.

i'm a firm believer that everything has to have it's place to be able to be put away. and since our basement is a 'hard working space' [as the decor blogs say], combining my craft area, a garage-type area, our attic-storage type stuff, and hopefully eventually a small playroom area, it needs to be organized to remain livable. oh, and all the walls and floors are unfinished, but luckily, we were given a large carpet scrap in great condition for the main area.

and seeing as how the craft corner has been in various stages, starting with this photo when we first moved in and progressing steadily over time to a truly frightful mess, it was time for some serious storage work:
i swear, i think everything in these boxes came out and multiplied itself by at least 10:
well, it had been a disorganized disaster long enough. i should have taken a better 'before' picture, because those don't quite do the chaos justice. we moved the main desk upstairs, and i set up my craft show table for some working surface.

i had some wire shelving cubes that i started sorting my fabric on, and ended up getting two more and the cubes (from walmart!) for storage in them. i LOVE that everything has it's place now, and i can just pull out the particular 'drawer' i need and have all the supplies right on hand for shipping out an order or working on a project. i'm hoping to spend much less time looking for and gathering up the needed supplies and go straight to working on something... before the inspiration is gone or the wee one is up from her nap!

i'm still working on it, but here's a little sneak preview of the almost-done craft room!

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  1. Oh I can't wait to see the finished product!!


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