inspiration: chalkboard paint!

i've been dying to get a little can of chalkboard paint and chalkboard-ify some surfaces just because it's awesome. truly, i think the only reason i haven't yet is because the feel of chalk gives me the willies a little bit. but with the availability of awesome chalk paint pens maybe that could be solved. and you're not even limited to black or schoolhouse green for your chalkboard anymore- the paint comes in amazing colors! it even comes in spray paint!

here are the beautiful chalkboard-ified things that are inspiring me right now:
chalkboard thought bubble and whale

framed chalkboard [or platter!] on your mantle!
the numbered platters as well!
corkboard and chalkboard squares

chalkboard on your fridge or inside a cabinet or pantry door
[easy list making! or if it's galvanized metal, it's also magnetic]
love the idea of a chalkboard backsplash.

and of course... the entire chalkboard wall [i love the combination here with the letters written in chalk and the vintage sign letter!] this just seems perfect in a kitchen. and there are so many beautiful and inspiring ways it's been done!

check out the bajillion links at the end of this post by the nester to see where everyone is using their chalkboard paint! if it were possible, i'd be painting this little bar/island/half wall in our kitchen... it takes so much abuse with thrown food etc [notice the high chair], and would be the perfect height for my little bear to color while i drink my morning coffee!

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