christmas and a new year...

even though it's been over a week, i never quite feel ready to take down the christmas decorations. at least this year we didn't have an entire tree to deal with since we were out of town, but there is just something so special about twinkly lights. i'm never quite sure if they would lose their magic if left up all year long.

i've already got loads of ideas for next year, so many that i may have to start in october (especially for #2). the short list is:
  1. make homemade marshmallows, and many more christmas cookies to give away

  2. make many more ornaments (adorable trees, old school yo-yos, and definitely a button wreath) and hopefully participate in the annual ornament swap

  3. wrap all of our gifts with a theme

  4. maybe carve a stamp to make my own christmas cards (i've already sketched out a little tree, but we'll see if this one actually happens)
the only things that won't be getting lovingly packed away for next year are my christmas shoes... these little cheapies will be worn and worn until they wear out!

also for next year, i love the idea of a rustic scandinavian look (as in this month's domino magazine) with lots of white felt garlands and exposed wood branches with a little accent of red. then maybe all the gifts could be the proverbial brown paper packages tied up with string... or with some ribbon and maybe a felt snowflake?

as always, i stressed myself out with a rush of last minute creating, but i really enjoyed making my mom a set of five little beaded wire ornaments:

and she sent me this incredibly pretty set of cards (she knows how much i love blue!). they're wintery instead of christmasey, which means i can use them even though it's january, and i've already thought of at least 5 people i need to send one to as a thank you:

i hope everyone is all set for a great year with lots of creativity and crafting! i hope you have as much fun reading about my dabbling and endeavor-ing as i do attempting it, and keep an eye out for an etsy shop in the near future (i hope to get it started this week, even if it means posting just a small selection of my jewelry for a start). i'm excited about having a new outlet for writing, and it's my intention to use this blog as a way to keep on track with all of my plans and goals for this upcoming year.

happy new year!

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