world's most GIANT mirror!

ok, so not THE world's most giant mirror... the lady i bought it from had just replaced it with a gorgeous one about 3 times bigger, which truly was the biggest mirror i've ever seen ever. but i snapped this one up for $40 within a couple hours of her listing it. don't you love it when rich people sell their "old" stuff on craigslist?
but still, it is large. probably the biggest single thing to hang on our wall that i've ever purchased.luckily, it's not as heavy as it looks, but unfortunately, it doesn't exactly bend. i had a heck of a time trying to get it in my car, and for a few minutes was sincerely worried i was going to have to leave my newly-purchased mirror on the lady's driveway until i could go home & come back with my husband's truck.

i ended up wedging it face down & horizontally across the entire interior of my camry, with one edge precariously near to to the corner of my eye as i drove.

but we made it home! and look how huge:
again, the gold & crackle is a bit much [although in the right space it could really be kinda glam] but look at the gorgeous detail!

so i hit it with some aqua spray paint
& then some ralph lauren smoke glaze. look how it brought out all the scripty-scrollies & toned down the blue just a tad:
but i hung it up in our new den & it was screamingly obvious- way too blue. i mean, i was going for big bright statement piece, but the statement this one was making was more 'what is up with that mirror?' in a bad way. so back to the drawing board.

i repainted [by hand this time] some icy blue "oops" paint i found at home depot on the edges in between the fancy scrollies, leaving them the aqua so that they would still pop.
then i re-glazed all the freshly painted parts so that it would blend a little more...
& now i love it! it looks so nice down that long hallway, centered in the middle of the wall, reflecting [hopefully] all the sunlight from the big window on the opposite wall! i think visually it goes a long way to bringing me closer to my inspiration board. it's really coming together!
i love how it looks reflecting the new gallery wall!


  1. Thats a original Vigaro Masterpiece II Mirror. The finish when you bought it was original. It was a limited piece of 25. They sold for $4595.00 at a gallery in Beverly Hills. You just refinished it which brought the value on it way way down. Its probably a $100 mirror now. To bad. You did do a nice job on it tho. It does look nice. But its not original anymore so... You know the deal.

  2. hi anonymous, thanks for reading! i was unable to verify that anything exists by the name you quoted. do you have any sources for that type of mirror? i'd love to see.


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