eee! excited.


i'm finally getting a bit of a chance to work on some new pretties...

i've been making good friends with the ginormous pile of felt that's been waiting in my studio for the perfect moment... and by perfect moment i mean the 2 hours or so i have between the kids napping at the same time including laundry & all that other non-crafting stuff i need to do]. this is what my studio trash can looks like at the moment... all that color has to mean something good, right?
and i nearly cleared out my paypal account thanks to the lovely offerings at fabric worm and hawthorne threads. i decided i wanted to spring for some new fabric for this new line of products rather than counting on the stash to do everything i needed. i couldn't be happier with this big pile of brightness that arrived on my front porch this week!

& here's a sneaky little sneak peek of what's coming... cryptic, i know. i'm SO excited!

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